Bridges and Crowns

Porcelain Bridges And Crowns

Are you looking to perfect your smile with a solution that is both aesthetic and comfortable? Our team offers a service of porcelain bridges and crowns placement.

What are bridges and crowns?

A bridge is a prosthesis intended to replace missing teeth. It is affixed all along the toothless area and consists of an artificial tooth placed between two crowns, like a “bridge”. As for the crown, it covers a natural tooth or an implant. It is custom made in our lab. This is a permanent solution.

Why use this treatment?

There are several reasons to get a bridge or a crown:

  • Improve the appearance of the dentition;
  • Rebalance the pressure on the other teeth and avoid their wear while chewing;
  • Improve speech;
  • Prevent a displacement or inclination of the teeth;
  • Avoid any other problem of alignment or closure of the jaws;
  • Restore damaged teeth from previous treatments or root canal treatments (when placing a filling or composite is impossible).

Porcelain bridges and crowns benefits

Not only do they look natural, but porcelain bridges and crowns are sturdy, comfortable and easy to maintain. If you maintain them properly, they have an average lifespan of 10 years. Note that local anaesthesia is often necessary during this treatment, which is performed over several sessions.

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