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Abeautiful smile and healthy teeth requires much more care than a daily brushing or flossing. Visiting your dentist regularly is essential to prevent the occurrence of common dental problems, such as cavities.

Care And Cavities Fixing

Untreated cavities can eventually become painful and compromise the health of the affected tooth. It is therefore important to consult your dentist for treatment as soon as possible.

How To Care For A Cavity?

The goal is to keep the tooth healthy and to ensure that the cavity has not yet reached the dental pulp. If the cavity is not very developed, the dentist will remove it and then put a restoration material (sealing, composite, ceramic, etc). As for deeper cavities, it may be necessary to perform a devitalization of the tooth under local anaesthesia. If an extraction is unavoidable, the dentist will put a dental prosthesis in its place to restore the look of a natural smile.

Complete Dental Exam

The Ordre des dentistes du Québec recommends a complete dental exam to be performed every six months or as soon as you think you may have an oral problem. A complete dental exam not only allows your dentist to diagnose your oral health but can also prevent dental problems so we can offer you the most appropriate and effective care.

During this dental exam, the dentist must, of course, evaluate the condition of your teeth, but also of your gums, palate and the inner walls of the cheeks and tongue. He will also check for infection, wear, cavities, or other abnormalities. It’s also a good time to tell your dentist about any change in your lifestyle so he can offer the right treatment for you.

Regular Dental Cleaning

Visit your dentist for a complete dental exam, but also for a dental cleaning.

A good cleaning can remove dental plaque (an accumulation of bacteria) on the surface of the tooth. This prevents tartar formation which can lead to greater long-term damage, such as periodontal disease. After removing the tartar, your dentist will polish the teeth to complete the cleaning and remove stains from the surface of the teeth.

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