Root Canal Treatments

It is often said that “prevention is better than cure.” While it is important to have a good oral hygiene, in some cases, a dentist must perform an intervention to prevent the worsening of one or more already sick teeth. One of these interventions is root canal treatment.

What is a root canal treatment?

Endodontics, otherwise known as root canal treatment, is a dental practice that specializes in the treatment of the inside of the tooth.

A tooth has three layers: the enamel, the dentine, and the cementum, in which we can find a soft tissue called the dental pulp. It is within the dental pulp that we can find the nerves and the blood necessary to the development of the tooth. During a root canal treatment, the dentist removes the pulp from the tooth and thus prevents the infection from spreading and the possibility of having to extract the affected tooth. To find out if a root canal is necessary, a dental X-ray is needed.

What does this treatment consist of?

After giving local anaesthetic, the dentist places a dike around the affected tooth to prevent the bacteria in the saliva from entering. Then, using a small opening in the tooth, he removes the dental pulp and cleans the canal. The canal is then filled and sealed, and the tooth is closed.

Benefits of a root canal treatment

  • Being able to preserve the affected tooth and avoid tooth extraction;
  • Keep the root of the tooth in the bone to avoid bone loss;
  • Allow the infection to heal;
  • Prevent other oral problems such as abscesses.

The earlier the tooth is taken care of, the faster it will heal. Contact us to learn more and to schedule an appointment (450) 529‑2244







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