Extraction Of Wisdom Teeth

Extraction Of Wisdom Teeth

Extraction Of Wisdom Teeth

W isdom tooth extraction is a common oral surgery. Dentiste REMA provides a personalized approach so that the extraction of your wisdom teeth is done as smoothly as possible.

What is a wisdom tooth?

The wisdom teeth are the third molars and the last teeth to grow. They are situated behind the second molars, completely at the back of the mouth. They usually appear towards the end of adolescence and are done growing when we are in our twenties.

A normal adult mouth has 32 teeth. However, for most people, the available space is insufficient to allow all the teeth to push through normally. There are many reasons that can justify the extraction of wisdom teeth.

Wisdom teeth extraction: When is it necessary?

  • There is insufficient space on the dental arch. The extraction would allow for well-aligned teeth.
  • Wisdom teeth that are only partially erupt, difficult to access and those that can’t be properly cleaned. Bacteria and food debris can cause damage, such as cavities.
  • Impacted wisdom teeth that can cause resorption and damage to the second molar.
  • Teeth fully erupt or only partially erupt, which may be at the root cause of various diseases (cysts, diseases of the gums and bones, etc.)
  • Pain
  • Other specific situations, please contact us for a consultation.

Your dentist will explain the process of the operation to allow you to prepare yourself well for it.

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